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Hi! I am Taisuke 

I am a Japanese language teacher at Fluent City in New York. My students want to know more about Japanese culture, but the class room time is so limited that it is difficult to incorporate many cultural aspects in the language teaching.  In this blog, I'm attempting to combine unique Japanese culture and language education.  I hope you enjoy. 

I was born and raised in Japan, living in the States since 1989.

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Each entry is a new topic and the title of the entry reflects it.  Here is how each topic entry is constructed.


1.  English description of the topic. 


2. A short conversational Japanese dialogue 

A dialogue between two people that is relevant to the topic. Important words are hyperlinked to a list of vocabulary. Readers are  encouraged to analyze what relationship two people have from the tone used in the conversation.  Audio is also included.


3. A list of vocabulary

 Translation and a concise grammatical explanation is provided.  



If you have any questions, contact me at

I will respond as much as I can.  I also welcome any Japanese language teacher/instructor to comment or participate in responding to readers’ questions.

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